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Welcome to Web Chancellor

Web Chancellor is a Content Management System that lets you easily manage and update your website as well as add powerful functionality to any website.

Enjoy Multiple Language Functionality

Web Chancellor is multi-language capable, meaning you can load two or more languages simultaneously, so that visitors to your website are presented with a convenient pull down menu, in which they can easily switch from one language to another.

Publish Quickly and Efficiently

Web Chancellor contains powerful publication software that enables you to easily put publications on line as well as provide virtually instant subscriber accounts to individuals. The publications module comes with search and sorting, multiple authors, the capability to easily setup publication groups, the ability to instantly convert publications to PDF documents, instant publication mail-to-a-friend forms, and more.

Slide-Shows & Photo-Tours

Add a slide show or photo tour to your website in minutes. Web Chancellor allows you to incorporate all of the images located in any of your image directories in seconds, at the click of a button, for virtually instantaneous setup.

Events calendar

Our events calendar has specialized features including an event reminder service that would enable you to send out automatic reminders to your receiver list.

Automated User Accounts

User accounts are easy to manage and you'll be informed in real time when any activity happens on a user account. Easily setup subscribable mailing lists at the click of a button.

Tracking reports
Receive a daily report of which pages have been visited. Comprehensive. Includes IP addresses, pages visited, a breakdown of countries, as well as robot activity. Our list of robots traversing on any given day is updated daily.
Easy page editing and adding

We've made editing pages very easy. Not only do you get the advantage of a "wysiwyg" html editor, we've thrown in a ton of extras, as well, such as page expiry dates, password protection, embedded levels, easy page copy, instant reordering of links, and multiple preset and configurable link styles.

Manage Templates Easily

Templates are fully configurable and allow you to either edit the CSS directly, or use pre-configured CSS. We've made editing the CSS easy, with our "easy edit" feature which allows you to change font familes, styles, colors, borders, and more. Templates can be copied, and applied on either a per section, or per page, basis. Drop formatting tags into any template to add instant functionality.

Track User Functionality

You may easily track user functionality by enabling our URL tracking feature when performating any mail-out from the Batch Mail section of your administrative account. This will cause a cookie to be placed on the person's web browser which will enable you to track them for statistical and marketing purposes.

Professional Surveys

We've made setting up surveys very easy. Surveys are self-tabulating, meaning that the results will be kept stored in your database. Survey results are color-coded and provide percentage and per person data.

Setup Instant Forms

Easily setup forms with your choice of radio, checkbox, pull-down, text area, and other buttons and input fields. Form creation takes just minutes with our easy to use form creator. Make forms as short or as long as you like, and enforce formatting such as email addresses, URLs, phone numbers and more.

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